Professional digital audio messaging system with background music

Does your Public Address System do what you want?

Inserting a message over background music and providing regular information to the public over a PA system is essential today. Advertising can be a great revenue source in public buildings, however limitations with existing PA systems often mean it can't be done, or only in an unacceptable way.

Trying to control a normal PA system, so that mood music, ads and announcements work well is almost impossible.

Newton e.envoy AdMusic is the solution.

e.envoy AdMusic uses standard PCs and a Digtial Polymedia Engine (DPE) to:

  • Play CD quality music tailored to your needs.
  • Play sceduled advertising between or over music tracks, at a particular time, over a period, automatically expire, only in one zone, etc.
  • Play scheduled announcments at particular times of day.
  • Make paging announcements from any PC on a network.
  • Trigger advertising or music "On Demand" from door sensors etc.
  • Dynamically adjust volume level to be above background noise.
  • Music and advertising on hold.
  • and more...

e.envoy can store thousands of messages and can play them randomly, at specific times, or in response to external triggers.

What's so special?

Six messages or music tracks can be played simultaneously out separate channels on one Digtial Polymedia Engine (DPE). So one DPE can play different music and messages, simultaneously over six different zones of a building, and you can have as many DPE's as you like in a system all playing multiple channels. This means you can target your music and advertising to your audience or customer.

Paging problems solved.

On top of all this e.envoy AdMusic introduces true Multiple Access Paging . You can now make a paging announcement from any computer on your network, and send it out any available paging zones on your network. What's more the system will automatically store and queue your message for broadcast if the paging zone you want is busy with another announcement. This means in a shopping mall you can have an independant system in a department store connected by LAN to the main shopping mall system so that important messages, like lost children, can be distributed through the store, whilst not interrupting any announcements or music. Built in security means you can determined what is allowed in to your system and what isn't.

Easy, Convenient Control.

The beauty of a PC network based system is that you can have full control of your PA from any PC on the network, with full security.

Only Newton e.envoy gives you all this.

Benefits of e.envoy

  • e.envoy allows 'limitless' screen configurations; each split can be independently managed.
  • e.envoy enables information to be presented and maintained in real time, or pre-programmed and stored in advance.
  • e.envoy allows messages and other content to be changed on demand.
  • With e.envoy the cost of changing information is marginal, as opposed to static displays which age rapidly and need to be maintained on an ongoing basis.
  • e.envoy can be manipulated remotely, from one central site rather than multiple sites.
  • e.envoy is a high-quality product from an ISO 9001 Quality-Assured company.
  • e.envoy enables a high volume of quality of information to be provided.
  • e.envoy is easy to use.
  • e.envoy is a low cost communications solution.
  • e.envoy enables you to target your solution and react to market needs quickly.