e.envoy in Banking

Competitive pressures have lead to shrinking margins across the banking sector in most countries. Furthermore, the advent of the internet has made 'shopping around' for the best deal quick and easy for most consumers. In fact, the consumer may know more about your competitors' offering than you do.

Your bank's number one asset is its customer base. Every interaction that your bank has with a customer is an opportunity to reinforce your brand, cultivate loyalty and to incrementally increase the value of that customer to the bank.

Installing Newton's e.envoy system in the customer service area in each of your branches provides your bank with a powerful marketing tool. While customers are waiting to be served, you can:

  • Build a relationship with your customers by providing weekly customised messages from your CEO that engender mutual trust and loyalty. Split the screen to show a video of your bank's CEO welcoming the customer into the branch, wishing them a happy Christmas, announcing new service initiatives, etc. Show your customers you are not complacent or taking them for granted. Customer retention is the best method of building profit.
  • Provide your customers with tangible information that lets them know that you value them and respect their ability to make sound decisions. 68% of customers are lost because they perceive that the business is not interested in them. Build profit by staying in touch with your customers, keeping them informed of new services, product upgrades, changes in interest rates, etc.

For best results, e.envoy should be woven into your banks' operational fabric. Your tellers should be trained (this can be done using e.envoy as well!) to reinforce and follow-up the marketing messages shown on the screens. For example, e.envoy could be used to highlight a different product or service each day, which would then be 'softly sold' by the teller. This approach encourages customers to try more of your product offerings, deepening their relationship with your bank, and resulting in increased margins and reduced churn.

Benefits of e.envoy

  • e.envoy allows 'limitless' screen configurations; each split can be independently managed.
  • e.envoy enables information to be presented and maintained in real time, or pre-programmed and stored in advance.
  • e.envoy allows messages and other content to be changed on demand.
  • With e.envoy the cost of changing information is marginal, as opposed to static displays which age rapidly and need to be maintained on an ongoing basis.
  • e.envoy can be manipulated remotely, from one central site rather than multiple sites.
  • e.envoy is a high-quality product from an ISO 9001 Quality-Assured company.
  • e.envoy enables a high volume of quality of information to be provided.
  • e.envoy is easy to use.
  • e.envoy is a low cost communications solution.
  • e.envoy enables you to target your solution and react to market needs quickly.