e.envoy in Point-of-Purchase Adverti

For many years, retailers have relied on traditional paper-based advertising to communicate their messages to customers at the point-of-purchase. This method lacks flexibility, is expensive and generates massive wastage, creating unnecessary environmental damage.

e.envoy has the power to transform this traditional static retail environment into a dynamic feast for the senses. The combination of video, sound and animated graphics will communicate your message more powerfully than ever before. Suppliers of store merchandise can use this dynamic multimedia display to reinforce their brand identity at that critical moment of purchase, making sure browsers became buyers and buyers became brand advocates.

Because e.envoy has been designed with the volatile retail environment in mind, changes to the system can be made in minutes, ensuring that your marketing communications are fresh and highly targeted. In fact, with e.envoy you can send separate marketing messages (such as spot specials or seasonal promotions) to individual sites 24 hours a day, every day of the year. For the first time in marketing history, you can totally control what you say, how you say it, when you say it and who you say it to - for approximately the same amount of money you are spending now.

Benefits of e.envoy

  • e.envoy allows 'limitless' screen configurations; each split can be independently managed.
  • e.envoy enables information to be presented and maintained in real time, or pre-programmed and stored in advance.
  • e.envoy allows messages and other content to be changed on demand.
  • With e.envoy the cost of changing information is marginal, as opposed to static displays which age rapidly and need to be maintained on an ongoing basis.
  • e.envoy can be manipulated remotely, from one central site rather than multiple sites.
  • e.envoy is a high-quality product from an ISO 9001 Quality-Assured company.
  • e.envoy enables a high volume of quality of information to be provided.
  • e.envoy is easy to use.
  • e.envoy is a low cost communications solution.
  • e.envoy enables you to target your solution and react to market needs quickly.