e.envoy in Training, Education and E

By integrating traditional video conferencing systems or contemporary web cam technologies, broadband networks and e.envoy's sophisticated multimedia communication technology, Newton can easily establish your own private electronic learning network. Newton can install an e.envoy system in your nominated locations (either around your state, your country or the world) which is capable of receiving live seminars and training sessions originating from your central office, or indeed anywhere there is a web cam or video conferencing facility.

Using a similar system as the Virtual Private TV Network with the added component of an integrated text messaging service, participants can interact with the presenter over the network in real time. This system, powered by the e.envoy engine, allows viewers to ask questions and engage with the presenter who in turn can respond to the viewer live during the broadcast.

Using e.envoy to power your long distance training and education will cut your costs by reducing your direct travel expenses. Furthermore, productivity will increase as one educator can now simultaneously present to large numbers of people in locations across the country or around the world.

Benefits of e.envoy

  • e.envoy allows 'limitless' screen configurations; each split can be independently managed.
  • e.envoy enables information to be presented and maintained in real time, or pre-programmed and stored in advance.
  • e.envoy allows messages and other content to be changed on demand.
  • With e.envoy the cost of changing information is marginal, as opposed to static displays which age rapidly and need to be maintained on an ongoing basis.
  • e.envoy can be manipulated remotely, from one central site rather than multiple sites.
  • e.envoy is a high-quality product from an ISO 9001 Quality-Assured company.
  • e.envoy enables a high volume of quality of information to be provided.
  • e.envoy is easy to use.
  • e.envoy is a low cost communications solution.
  • e.envoy enables you to target your solution and react to market needs quickly.